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Monday, April 24, 2006

The "Perfect Pump"

Alright...ya know about 10 years ago when you were filling up on gas, and you would try to get the fillup right at the exact amount - the "Perfect Pump" was about $12.00 for a fillup then, but you tried desperately to hit the number right on the nose? You could pump really slowly and watch the pump move a penny at at time and hit your mark.

My roommate Aaron pointed this fact out to me yesterday. Well I usually pay for gas with my credit card(Actually, i pay for everything with my credit card). Well, this morning i had some cash, so was going to pay in cash. I the gas "clicked" and stopped pumping at $37.62, so I figured I'd try to get it up to $38. SO, I click it as slow as I can, and it just isn't the same. The same small pinch that used to be a penny now causes the meter to go up about $2/second! So after one pinch instead of seeing $38, I was seeing about $45 buck. Well, not that bad but you get the idea. If you want an exact pump, GOOD LUCK! Alright that's all I have...

Pray for me if you are reading this...big decisions are to be made in the next month or so in my life,Also I fell into some old ways lately...need to kinda NOT do THAT anymore! I haven't worried about it much(the next month, decisions, moving, etc.), which I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I truly feel comfortable in saying I believe God will take care of me! I'm so excited about it, about change, about new opportunities. I love it! It's in my blood I think to LOVE change and freedom, but I'm trying to listen... Thank you so much!


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