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Friday, March 17, 2006

Alright...Here I am...1021 on a Friday night...and my Jayhawks are playing. And I'm LISTENING to the game because Texas and U Penn are on bear with me because I'm a little salty, plus as of now we are down by one point....

Taint got by the skin of his teeth with BC winning a double OT game - a loss there would have been good afternoon, good evening and good night for him. The pick of the day was a loss by Iowa...What a shot!

Anyways, Kansas is my focus...and i am in my KU sweats right now just hanging around the house, and I love it...the question is whether or not I will pull out my hair...Not being able to see the game is driving me crazy!!!

March madness is awesome, and I love it. That's about all I have to say so I'll stop rambling...back to the game...



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