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Growing and Discerning...After the Heart of God

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 many of you know, i made my triumphant return to Kansas this past weekend. Let's just say It was absolutely wonderful...with an exception. 70 degrees, sun and no wind made a GREAT saturday, and i got to see some of my best friends and favorite people. It really was quite the trip. After a long day of sun and fun on saturday, Sunday was a little bit different. So I wake up, and hear booming things all around at 8 am...not really knowing what was going on. I look through the blinds, and see what I think to be a storm...turns out there is a swirling cloud of brown dust moving down the street. now when I say I looked out the window and saw a tornado...I mean I looked outside and saw a freaking Tornado! Now being from Kansas, I had seen many, but this was pretty ridiculous being 30 feet from one. A few minutes later, the storm calmed, and we all went outside to view the wreckage...trees everywhere, fallen through houses, cars smashed in, it was incredible. BUT, I survived, and made it back to PA safely. Let's just thank God nobody, at least that I know of, was hurt!


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