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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Great day!

SO...Yesterday I had another Job interview, as a Operations Management Analyst at WESCO(Don't ask, I have no idea what that exactly meant), and it actually went pretty well. I went downtown, interviewed with 6 people, talked their ears off, as I often do, and went on my way. As I was driving home, I began reflecting on how the interview went. It went great right? Here I was, interviewing for an unpublished job, getting first dibs on an interview to be on a management track for a fortune 500 company. And I wasn't EXTREMELY Excited about it...excited a bit, sure, but it didn't seem enough. I began thinking to one of my interviewees when he asked me "what would be your ideal job right now?" I stopped for a brief second, having never been asked this question, and thought about how to answer. A professional soccer player? A TV broadcaster? A sports Agent? An Actor? Sure those all seemed great, but without stuttering and before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out -

"I have to be in a position where I am constantly building relationships with people, and my success or failure in that position is based solely on the foundation of those relationships."

I was amazed and startled by my response - wait a minute...I'm an idiot, how did I say something that sounded so great? I know it was God talking at that moment...and I'm taking it as a clue as to what He is calling me to do...I don't know what it is yet, but what a great start.

The next few weeks should be exciting, I'll be looking at the possibility of moving, and staying, but either way, transition awaits me, and I love it. Keep praying for me and thank you to those who have been!

Funny Cartoon...I love it


Anonymous Laney said...


It's good to hear about the possibilities coming your way and how you're figuring out where you're headed. You're definitely a "people person" and so you should just create a job like the Reebok linebacker and just go around the office connected and encouraging people, instead of demolishing them. True.

Talk to you later, bro.


2:23 PM  
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